Software sviluppato dall'Università di Genova disponibile per il download

CoCoA System by DIMA (text in english)
CoCoA is a special-purpose system for doing Computations in Commutative Algebra. It runs on the following platforms: SUN running Solaris, HP, SGI running IRIX, DEC Alpha, PC running Linux or DOS or Windows, Macintosh PPC running MacOS or LinuxPPC. CoCoA is freely available software for research and educational purposes.
ETHNOS - Expert Tribe in a Hybrid Network Operating System by DIST (text in english)
ETHNOS is a programming environment for the design of a real time control system composed of different robots, devices and external supervising or control stations. ETHNOS can be downloaded and used freely from Accademic Organizations for non commercial purposes.
EyesWeb by DIST (text in english)
the EyesWeb open software is a platform for the development of real-time music and multimedia applications.
Facial Animation Engine (FAE) by DIST (text in english)
Demo version
Parvus by DICTFA (text in english)
Parvus is a chemometrical instrument for the analytical laboratory, to be used with a personal computer. Require subscription.
QuBE Quantified Boolean formulas Evaluator by DIST (text in english)
QuBE is an efficient solver for deciding the satisfiability of QBFs.
SIM Satisfiability Internal Module by DIST (text in english)
SIM is a C library of efficient procedures for propositional satisfiability (SAT) problems.